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OOTP Predictions for April 7 2019

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The simulation module for the OOTP Predictions for April 6 2019 predicted correctly 9 out of 15 games. This is something we should expect from a simulator capable of predicting the World Series and most of the playoff games  two years in a row. The simulator seems to be adjusting to the teams’ results.  Yesterday, I […]

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OOTP Predictions for April 4 2019

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The predictions for yesterday’s games were better than they have been. I’d like to suggest that it’s because teams are starting to find themselves, but we’ll see if that is what happens over the next few weeks. The simulations should improve as the players and teams find their grooves. The results are nine games predicted […]

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OOTP Predictions for April 3

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The OOTP Predictions for April 3 are complete and ready for you to view below. The results from yesterday’s games are falling in line with previous predictions. There were seven incorrect predictions and five correct. Several surprising results occurred yesterday. It seems that the Baltimore Orioles are starting to look like contenders. They keep winning. Boston […]

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OOTP Predictions for April 1 2019

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The OOTP predictions for April 1, 2019 are ready, and they a likely to make you think it’s some kind of April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The results were rather bad once again.My initial inclination was to run simulations less frequently. However, experiments don’t always work out the way you planned. […]

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OOTP Predictions for March 31

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The simulator did not do well with this run. Only five of the teams were predicted correctly. One game, Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati was postponed. Several games were upsets like Boston vs Seattle and Yankees vs. Orioles. These are teams that should have won handily.As I keep suggesting, the simulator may not have been designed to […]

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Predictions for March 30 OOTP Simulator

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As the games were played late in my time, I decided to update in the morning. The results are six out of the eight games were predicted correctly by the OOTP simulation module. Boston did win last night but by a narrow margin. It’s the beginning of the season, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see […]

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OOTP Predictions for March 29

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Each day that I run simulations, I will post my analysis of the previous run’s predictions. With that said here is yesterday’s analysis: writing my analysis last night, Boston was still playing the Mariners and were losing to them. This is the biggest upset in the set of predictions. OOTP predicted that Boston would win […]

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Did the Baseball Simulator Fail for Opening Day 2019?

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As a refresher, I set up an experiment using Out of the Park Baseball for opening day 2019. If you did read that post, I updated the results which show several incorrect predictions. Did the baseball simulator fail for opening day 2019?If you read through my assumptions, you’ll see that the simulator did exactly as […]

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Use Baseball Data to Learn Statistics

Data Tells a Story

Statistics has been known to be a dry subject to learn. But, when you couple the data of America’s favorite past time, it can bring the subject to life.

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Using Dplyr in R to Subset Baseball Data

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There’s something about statistics and baseball. They seem well-suited for one another. It’s been that way since the inception of the game. People have been keeping not only the scores of the games and teams, but also the scores of the players in the form of statistics. This leads to managing a seriously large amount of […]

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