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Coin Toss Experiments in R

Coin Toss Main

What if you tossed a coin ten times and it came up heads seven out of the ten? Would you conclude the coin is unfair? To answer that question, you would likely assume that the coin is fair and then run experiments to counter the fair argument. But why even bother with any of this? […]

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Using Statistics to Simulate Sales Data

Statistics Infographic

Remember that statistics class that you thought was useless back in college? Bet you didn’t think you’d ever use it once you finished, right? You had to take it as part of the curriculum, but once it was done, you were done with statistics forever, right? It turns out, some of the techniques they taught […]

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How Is Your Grasp on Hypothesis Testing?

Hypothesis Testing

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But… Do you remember that statistics class you hated in college? Well, you’ll need to dust the cobwebs off that textbook. Data science practitioners need to know statistics! The good news is you don’t need to have a doctorate level in statistics for your data science career. It […]

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