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How to Import the Price of a Stock in Excel

Stock Prices in Excel

I work with Microsoft Excel quite often as do many others. I use Excel to track my stock portfolios. Often, this entails getting prices for the stock online and updating Excel (manually). There is no function (that I am aware of) that does this natively in Excel. This article will describe how to import the […]

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Learning R Using DPLYR and Baseball Stats

Now that the Superbowl is over, we’re gearing up for the baseball season. Why not brush up on your favorite players and learn R coding at the same time? In fact, you could be learning R using DPLYR and Baseball stats.R can be a tricky language to learn. I know because I tried several times […]

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Using Match to Avoid Joins in R

Joins are a powerful tool for data analysts to use. They permit analysts to bring together (hence the name join) two or more tables, having a common set of fields. The keys to the joins can be as simple as one field or a composite field, consisting of many fields. Joins can get complicated, though, […]

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Help! I’m Becoming an R Snob!

I love the R language. Being that I am a computer programmer by trade, this is a bit of an anomaly. Most computer programmers would not migrate to the R language naturally. In fact, to us programmers, the way the R language works isn’t what we are used to at all.Affiliate Disclosure: The links and […]

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Coming to Grips with the Data Frame

Data Frame with Hand (Grip)

​Data Frames in R Programming Language​At some point during your R programming experience, you are going to have to come to grips with the data frame. Of course, people familiar with data frames will tell you it’s difficult to imagine ever having to do without them. When I was first learning R, data frames seemed like […]

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