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Why Data Analysts Need a Data Transformation Process

Data Transformation

Do you know what clean data looks like? Learn why data analysts need a data transformation process.

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Getting Up to Speed with JSON

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a popular file format. It’s something that all data people should learn. It’s not complicated, which is good. But it supports nesting, which can cause some confusion for people. This article will help you in getting up to speed with JSON.Why JSON?The biggest advantage to JSON is its intuitiveness. At […]

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How to Generate Mock Sales Data

Search for mock data or mockup data, and you’ll have plenty of options for items like customers or regions. Mockaroo is one popular choice among many for generating such data and will generate up to 1000 records for free. When you try try to find sales data that is worth using, that is another story […]

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