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Introduction to Power BI – Training that Helps You Learn Quickly

Power BI Splash Screen

Power BI is an analytics program that helps people gain insights into data. It’s not overly difficult to learn, but it has several powerful features that can make it overwhelming for newcomers. There is great training online for the software, but I happen to find one called Introduction to Power BI. It is training that […]

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Using Statistics to Simulate Sales Data

Statistics Infographic

Remember that statistics class that you thought was useless back in college? Bet you didn’t think you’d ever use it once you finished, right? You had to take it as part of the curriculum, but once it was done, you were done with statistics forever, right? It turns out, some of the techniques they taught […]

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How to Import the Price of a Stock in Excel

Stock Prices in Excel

I work with Microsoft Excel quite often as do many others. I use Excel to track my stock portfolios. Often, this entails getting prices for the stock online and updating Excel (manually). There is no function (that I am aware of) that does this natively in Excel.In the R language, there is a package that […]

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How to Get Started with Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI Part 1

​Power BI is an analysis tool created by Microsoft. It is part of a class of software tools known as self-service business intelligence tools, which means that it is supposed to be easier than most analytics-based tools. However, it still has a learning curve that users need to master. This tutorial will help you get […]

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How to Generate Mock Sales Data

Search for mock data or mockup data, and you’ll have plenty of options for items like customers or regions. Mockaroo is one popular choice among many for generating such data and will generate up to 1000 records for free. When you try try to find sales data that is worth using, that is another story […]

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Find Your Use Cases

Find Your Use Cases

If I see another tutorial using the Iris dataset, I’m going to jump off a bridge. Not literally, of course. But I am not interested in learning about the properties of flowers. Some people are, and that’s great! Who knows? Maybe someday, I’ll be put in a situation where that I need to learn about […]

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Loading R Scripts Into Power BI

Power BI Splash

R is a popular language for data science, although recently Python is winning the language wars. Still, R has its proponents (yours truly) and will continue in its use throughout the data science community. Did you know that it can be used with Power BI, too? This quick tutorial gives instructions on loading R scripts […]

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Learning the Skills for Data Science Is Easy? Are You Sure?

Data Science Skills Cartoon

I was reading an article in Forbes, “Learning Data Science Skills Is Easier Than You Think.” While I don’t think learning data science is on par with rocket science, I think it’s a stretch to state that it’s easy. The article was written by Dr. Anant Agarwal, who heads up the website edX.org. If you are […]

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Learning R Using DPLYR and Baseball Stats

Now that the Superbowl is over, we’re gearing up for the baseball season. Why not brush up on your favorite players and learn R coding at the same time? In fact, you could be learning R using DPLYR and Baseball stats.R can be a tricky language to learn. I know because I tried several times […]

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Using Match to Avoid Joins in R

Joins are a powerful tool for data analysts to use. They permit analysts to bring together (hence the name join) two or more tables, having a common set of fields. The keys to the joins can be as simple as one field or a composite field, consisting of many fields. Joins can get complicated, though, […]

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