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Accessing the Dark Web: Proceed with Caution

Accessing the Dark Web

At the time of this writing, it was not illegal to access the dark web. It’s what you do on it that can get you into trouble. Further, some people don’t even know when they are doing something wrong. This article is about accessing the dark web: proceed with caution. I am not going to […]

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A Quick Learn on Natural Language Processing

Learn NLP

NLP Training is often full of theory that can confuse beginners. What if there were a way to have it explained in simple terms? That’s the goal of this tutorial

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Finding Hashtags and Mentions using Python

Hands Extended with Floating Hashtag

Want to find hashtags and mentions from your text? This tutorial will help you do just that!

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Getting Up to Speed with JSON

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a popular file format. It’s something that all data people should learn. It’s not complicated, which is good. But it supports nesting, which can cause some confusion for people. This article will help you in getting up to speed with JSON.Why JSON?The biggest advantage to JSON is its intuitiveness. At […]

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Coin Toss Experiments in R

Coin Toss Main

What if you tossed a coin ten times and it came up heads seven out of the ten? Would you conclude the coin is unfair? To answer that question, you would likely assume that the coin is fair and then run experiments to counter the fair argument. But why even bother with any of this? […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Learn SQL

Is It the Death of SQL?

If you hold the belief that SQL is an old, stodgy language, getting ready to be put out to pasture, then you may want to rethink your position on it. SQL is a workhorse that is not only likely to stick around for years to come but also it gives you power and flexibility when […]

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How to Grasp the Scene Concept in Godot

When we think of a scene in a movie or a book, we intuitively know what that means. It’s a literary mechanism to set the stage for characters to interact. When done right, the scene fits in with the overall theme or plot of the story. We learn this concept early on in our childhood […]

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Video Game Development

Video games are fun to play. Many people often dream of creating video games themselves. For that, they’ll need to learn game development (Gamedev). While data science does not traditionally deal in Gamedev, there is an overlap when trying to make gameplay more realistic.The development of video games has become easier in the past decade […]

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Using SQL to Find When Members First Subscribed


Do you have a subscription service that you track in a relational database? Businesses that capture this membership information often want to know their members’ starting dates and last dates. This can be useful to track duration trends and retention rates.Memberships that provide strong benefits will keep subscribers longer than those offering weaker benefits. Although […]

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Goldilocks and the Three SQL Concepts – Window Functions, Case Statements, and CTEs

Soup Food Truck

The Goldilocks Seasonal Soup (GSS) Company is a food truck that serves soups during lunch and dinner. They try to make their soups at just the right temperature, hence the truck’s name. They also try to accommodate the right soups for the right seasons.GSS is a fictitious company. However, the research about the temperature of […]

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