Stock Prices in Excel

How to Import the Price of a Stock in Excel

​I work with Microsoft Excel quite often as do many others. I use Excel to track my stock portfolios. Often, this entails getting prices for the stock online and updating Excel (manually). There is no

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Carat Price Relationship

Case Study: Does the Size of Diamonds Affect Its Price?

Case Study on the Use of Simple Linear Regression James Cochrane August 24, 2018 If you have ever shopped for a diamond you already know the answer to the question this case study is posing. Try to

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Data Camp Main Screen

This One Data Science Resource Is a Game Changer

​If you do nothing else to further your data science ​career, sign up for this resource. I'll let you know what it is below. However, if I were structuring a college curriculum for data science, this

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Help! I’m Becoming an R Snob!

I love the R language. Being that I am a computer programmer by trade, this is a bit of an anomaly. Most computer programmers would not migrate to the R language naturally. In fact, to us programmers,

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Data Frame with Hand (Grip)

Coming to Grips with the Data Frame

​Data Frames in R Programming Language​At some point during your R programming experience, you are going to have to come to grips with the data frame. Of course, people familiar with data frames will

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Should You Abandon Base R Functions?

​You will no doubt fall in love with the R language. ​You just have to get past its learning curve. But, once you do, you will discover just how powerful the language is. There is so much you can accomplish

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What is Data Science?

What Is Data Science?

​You have probably heard the term Data Science. However, do you know what it means? Intuitively, it means the study of data, as science is usually associated with studying some subject. More appropriately,

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Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

​The growing popularity of data science requires that you learn a programming language if you don't already know one. But, which do you choose? There are several to choose from.​The snarky answer is

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