Make Your Data Definitions for Power BI Work Correctly

Sales Analysis

Power BI is a wonderful product released by Microsoft. It gives business owners the ability to create high-level reports and analysis for measuring how the business is doing. But, to optimize the software, you need to make your data definitions for Power BI work correctly.Why Establish Data Relationships?If you are just getting started with a […]

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How to Find an API

API to the Rescue

Have you ever tried to create a web scraping application before? Or, perhaps you have used one online that someone else created?  If you have coded  web scraper before, you know what a pain in the you-know-what this effort can be. It requires you to get down to the granular level of each element in many […]

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One Trick when Learning Data Science

Owl on Books

​Data science is undoubtedly a vast field. Stating that you are a data scientist will mean different things to different people. Then, how do you know what to concentrate on? That is the topic of discussion today, and I have a great trick for you on how to go about it!​Skills to Learn​Here is a […]

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Why You Should Learn Power BI

Power BI Splash Screen

What if you could at a glance, look at a report about your business and know exactly how it’s doing? What if you needed more information about a segment of your business and you just click on the line item to drill down into details about it?If you are like most people, you’re probably thinking […]

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Data Sources

​Helpful Data SourcesUse ​resources (below) to find datasets or data sources. The plan is to update this whenever I come across new sources. Be sure to check back or bookmark the page.Please Note: Use these data sources at your own risk. You should verify the sources. I took every measure to include data sources that […]

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Could It Finally Be Time to Learn the Julia Language?

​If you’ve been working in the data science field for any length of time, you know there are two dominant languages that are used for this purpose: R and Python. The choice between the two has been largely a matter of preference. Both will suffice to give you the tools you need to get a […]

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How to Import the Price of a Stock in Excel

Stock Prices in Excel

​I work with Microsoft Excel quite often as do many others. I use Excel to track my stock portfolios. Often, this entails getting prices for the stock online and updating Excel (manually). There is no function (that I am aware of) that does this natively in Excel.​​In the R language, there is a ​package that […]

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Case Study: Does the Size of Diamonds Affect Its Price?

Carat Price Relationship

Case Study on the Use of Simple Linear Regression James Cochrane August 24, 2018 If you have ever shopped for a diamond you already know the answer to the question this case study is posing. Try to buy a four carat diamond for $300 and the jeweler will first laugh at you, then throw you […]

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This One Data Science Resource Is a Game Changer

Data Camp Main Screen

​If you do nothing else to further your data science ​career, sign up for this resource. I’ll let you know what it is below. However, if I were structuring a college curriculum for data science, this resource would be mandatory! ​Disclosure: if you purchase any products or services from the links or banners o​n this page, […]

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Help! I’m Becoming an R Snob!

I love the R language. Being that I am a computer programmer by trade, this is a bit of an anomaly. Most computer programmers would not migrate to the R language naturally. In fact, to us programmers, the way the R language works isn’t what we are used to at all.​Affiliate Disclosure: The links and […]

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