Grasping Loc and iLoc in Pandas

Loc and iLoc for DataFrames

Are you struggling with loc[] and iloc[] in Pandas? If so, you are in the right place. Read about grasping loc[] and iloc[].

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Create Stock Charts in Two Lines of Code

Stock Charting

You need sophisticated software packages that you pay thousands of dollars a month to create stock charts, right? Perhaps that is the way it used to be. But these days, with the right Python libraries, you can create stock charts in two lines of code. That is what you will learn how to do here.What’s […]

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What Skills Do You Need for Data Analysis?

Set of creative business infographic elements.

You know already that data is everywhere. But do you know how to use it? You’ll learn about a resource that will help you learn.

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The Four Core DAX Measures

Four Core Measures

The DAX language is deceptively complex. The dynamics of the language itself, are actually easy. It’s the nuances that trip people up, even experienced DAX programmers. If you are just getting started, though, you’ll likely struggle on where to start. This article will help you with many projects. We’ll discuss the four core DAX measure […]

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Create Lookup Tables from Fact Tables Using Merge in Power BI


When analyzing data, analysts should adhere to best practices. Once such best practice is to use a star schema for the data. At its basic level, a star schema contains one or more fact tables, and several lookup tables. But data often doesn’t come to the analyst as a star schema, which means the analyst […]

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How to Get Familiar with Your Data

Right Brain Left Brain

Let’s face it. Looking at data sometimes can be a nightmare. It never seems to conform to the neatly laid out samples from training modules. Often, the data you obtain is a scattered mess. How do you make sense of it all? This article will help learn how to get familiar with your data.The variety […]

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Why Data Analysts Need a Data Transformation Process

Data Transformation

Do you know what clean data looks like? Learn why data analysts need a data transformation process.

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What’s the Big Deal About Filter Context in Power BI?

It's All About Filters

What’s the Big Deal About Filter Conext n Power BI? It’s a really important concept, one that you’ll need to take your analytics to the next level. Don’t miss this critical training module!

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Tutorial: A Quick and Easy Mapping Table in Power BI

Mapping Tables

I often work with annual reports, including financial statements for listed companies. I do it both for investing and for my job where I want to know the financial solvency of my clients and potential clients. One sore point with financial statements is the lack of standardization of the line items. If I want to compare […]

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Review of Data Camp’s Introduction to Python Introduction to Python

If you take no other course to learn Python, take the free first chapter to the Introduction to Python course from Between an industry expert teaching the course and Data Camp’s innovative interface for learning, you’ll get a great basis for learning about Python. You’ll also learn it right. Disclosure: Site owner may receive […]

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