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The Four Core DAX Measures

Four Core Measures

The DAX language is deceptively complex. The dynamics of the language itself, are actually easy. It’s the nuances that trip people up, even experienced DAX programmers. If you are just getting started, though, you’ll likely struggle on where to start. This article will help you with many projects. We’ll discuss the four core DAX measure […]

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Create Lookup Tables from Fact Tables Using Merge in Power BI


When analyzing data, analysts should adhere to best practices. Once such best practice is to use a star schema for the data. At its basic level, a star schema contains one or more fact tables, and several lookup tables. But data often doesn’t come to the analyst as a star schema, which means the analyst […]

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Tutorial: A Quick and Easy Mapping Table in Power BI

Mapping Tables

I often work with annual reports, including financial statements for listed companies. I do it both for investing and for my job where I want to know the financial solvency of my clients and potential clients. One sore point with financial statements is the lack of standardization of the line items. If I want to compare […]

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Create Lookup Tables from Fact Tables in Power BI

At some point, you’ll need to create lookup tables from data sources. Excel users often clump all entities together in each row. This is a natural way for them to view the data and it’s the easiest for them to enter it this way. You’ll likely find customer names and addresses, product names, prices and […]

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Review: Power BI – Up & Running with Power BI Desktop

Power BI Excel Maven

Course: Power BI – Up & Running with Power BI DesktopInstructor: Chris DuttonPlatform: Udemy.comPrice: VariesRating: 5 Stars (out of 5)SummaryIf you are struggling to learn the intricacies of the Microsoft product, Power BI, then you owe it to yourself to take this course on the topic. Chris Dutton does such an amazing job teaching it. […]

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Introduction to Power BI – Training that Helps You Learn Quickly

Power BI Splash Screen

Power BI is an analytics program that helps people gain insights into data. It’s not overly difficult to learn, but it has several powerful features that can make it overwhelming for newcomers. There is great training online for the software, but I happen to find one called Introduction to Power BI. It is training that […]

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How to Get Started with Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI Part 1

Power BI is an analysis tool created by Microsoft. It is part of a class of software tools known as self-service business intelligence tools, which means that it is supposed to be easier than most analytics-based tools. However, it still has a learning curve that users need to master. This tutorial will help you get […]

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Loading R Scripts Into Power BI

Power BI Splash

R is a popular language for data science, although recently Python is winning the language wars. Still, R has its proponents (yours truly) and will continue in its use throughout the data science community. Did you know that it can be used with Power BI, too? This quick tutorial gives instructions on loading R scripts […]

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Make Your Data Definitions for Power BI Work Correctly

Sales Analysis

Power BI is a wonderful product released by Microsoft. It gives business owners the ability to create high-level reports and analysis for measuring how the business is doing. But, to optimize the software, you need to make your data definitions for Power BI work correctly.Why Establish Data Relationships?If you are just getting started with a […]

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Why You Should Learn Power BI

Power BI Splash Screen

What if you could at a glance, look at a report about your business and know exactly how it’s doing? What if you needed more information about a segment of your business and you just click on the line item to drill down into details about it?If you are like most people, you’re probably thinking […]

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