Did the Baseball Simulator Fail for Opening Day 2019?

Baseball Batter Cartoon

As a refresher, I set up an experiment using Out of the Park Baseball for opening day 2019. If you did read that post, I updated the results which show several incorrect predictions. Did the baseball simulator fail for opening day 2019?If you read through my assumptions, you’ll see that the simulator did exactly as […]

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Use Baseball Data to Learn Statistics

Data Tells a Story

Statistics has been known to be a dry subject to learn. But, when you couple the data of America’s favorite past time, it can bring the subject to life.

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Using Dplyr in R to Subset Baseball Data

Baseball with Coding Image

There’s something about statistics and baseball. They seem well-suited for one another. It’s been that way since the inception of the game. People have been keeping not only the scores of the games and teams, but also the scores of the players in the form of statistics. This leads to managing a seriously large amount of […]

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The Start of Baseball Season 2019

The secret about the start of baseball season 2019 is that it already started. That’s right! The season began officially on March 20, 2019. There were only two teams playing on that day (and the next) which were the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s. They played two successive games in Japan. I think the reason […]

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Can Wine and Beer Help You Get Started in Machine Learning?

Do you enjoy a nice glass of wine or beer? Did you know those two drinks could be used to help you understand the process of machine learning? That is what the following video will provide to you. It shows how machine learning can be used to learn from data that contains features describing the properties […]

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I Need Your Help with Python


Everyone likes to help each other out. This is just as true in the technology world as it is anywhere else. If someone had a question that I knew the answer, I would help them as soon as they asked. They may return the favor someday, either to me or someone else. It’s how we […]

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How to Practice Your Data Science Skills

Resources for Learning

Finding courses is a great way to get started in a data science career. But, it’s only the first step. To truly grasp the concepts you learn, you need to figure out how to practice your data science skill. The best place to practice is with a job in data science, however, that requires experience […]

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Super Data Science Is Truly Super

Free Sign Up Super Data Science

This is a review of the website Super Data Science. It is a fantastic service that lives up to its title. One thing is certain: If you want to learn data science, you must sign up for this service right now! Website: Super Data ScienceCreators: Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de PontevesCost: $35 per month – ($23 with […]

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Do You Need a Master’s Degree in Data Science?

In college

You’ll be spending a lot of time perusing job boards and listings for data science. Many will require a master’s degree in the field or something related. Does this mean it’s game over if you don’t have a master’s degree in data science? As with anything, the answer isn’t straightforward. It certainly helps to have an […]

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Add Learning to Your To-Do List

Learning Commitment

I don’t care who you are; you have fifteen minutes a day that you can devote to learning something new. You may be under-the-gun, pressed-for-time due to one deadline or another. But, fifteen minutes every day isn’t going to cause you to miss those deadlines. Now that I have freed up fifteen minutes per day for […]

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