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How to Get Started with Power BI

Getting Started with Power BI Part 1

​Power BI is an analysis tool created by Microsoft. It is part of a class of software tools known as self-service business intelligence tools, which means that it is supposed to be easier than most analytics-based tools. However, it still has a learning curve that users need to master. This tutorial will help you get […]

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I Need Your Help with Python


Everyone likes to help each other out. This is just as true in the technology world as it is anywhere else. If someone had a question that I knew the answer, I would help them as soon as they asked. They may return the favor someday, either to me or someone else. It’s how we […]

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Trouble in Power BI Paradise

Frustrated Woman

As you may have read on this website, I am a big fan of Microsoft Power BI. It is a free tool that allows business owners to slice and dice their data. These business owners can see reports from this data that would have been difficult to produce without the tool. Based on my recommendation, you […]

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