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You have likely heard by now that being a data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century. If you haven't, then you probably aren't meant for this industry. The origin of this statement is becoming blurred as more pepole are taking credit for saying it. But, it still holds true today.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this career, though. You'll hear people tell you that master's degree is essential Or, you'll need to be an expert in statistics. Worse, you need to know every aspect of data science before even thinking about applying for a job.

I was going to put together a video about the outlook for data science 2019. Instead, I found a great video that sums up the outlook quite well. Creating a new video for the purpose of being able to put my name on it is a waste of time. So, I'll share the video here:

The video is less than ten minutes long which means you should have time to view it. However, you shouldn't expect that it will teach you how to be a data scientist. This would take many hours. This video explains what is needed in the current landscape of the career path. Nothing more.

Contents of Video:

  • What Is a Data Scientist (0:22)
  • Profile of a "Typical Data Scientist"  (01:50)
  • Does Data Scientist Imply Doctor of Philosophy? (2:40)
  • Is a Master's Degree (or higher) Needed for Data Science? (3:40).
  • What You Need to Study to Become a Data Scientist (4:20)
  • Graduate from Top School? (4:45)
  • Take Online Courses? (5:26)
  • Programming Languages to Learn? (5:50)
  • Python (#1), R (#2)
  • Industry(s) Best for Data Science Usage (6:28)
  • Location Which is Best for Fast Progression in Field? (7:42)
  • What is the Key Take-Home Message? (8:11)

Online Courses from 365 Data Science

In the video, online courses were mentioned as something that you could pursue to hone in your skills. The creators of the video are offering courses in the data science field. I have not signed up for the program yet, but I have taken a few Udemy courses from this company. I can tell you that the courses are comprehensive.

365 Data Science Website

I looked at the curriculum for the program (not the Udemy courses) and it looks to be up-to-date with the current requirements. You'll learn statistical analysis and probability, programming in Python, R, SQL, and Excel. You learn data science fundamentals and visualization techniques using Tableau.

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any commissions or other incentives for the review on this website.


Although I have not yet signed up for the full program at 365 Data Science, I have taken a few of their courses on Udemy.com related to data science. The instruction is cartoon-based, much like the video shown on this page. This kept my interest-level high. The exercises helped me learn the concepts. The program from 365 Data Science does offer a 30-day money back guarantee (at the time of this writing and subject to change).

At the very least, sign up for free with the company. They let you test the waters with free training module. You can see for yourself the calibur of training that is available. 

If you decide to sign up for free and go through the free lessons, could you do me a favor and come back here and comment on your experience? As a website that reviews resources in data science, I would love to know your thoughts!



P.S. Here is the link again to 365 Data Science.

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