Why You Should Learn Power BI

Power BI Splash Screen

What if you could at a glance, look at a report about your business and know exactly how it’s doing? What if you needed more information about a segment of your business and you just click on the line item to drill down into details about it?If you are like most people, you’re probably thinking […]

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Data Sources

Helpful Data SourcesUse resources (below) to find datasets or data sources. The plan is to update this whenever I come across new sources. Be sure to check back or bookmark the page.Please Note: Use these data sources at your own risk. You should verify the sources. I took every measure to include data sources that […]

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Could It Finally Be Time to Learn the Julia Language?

​If you’ve been working in the data science field for any length of time, you know there are two dominant languages that are used for this purpose: R and Python. The choice between the two has been largely a matter of preference. Both will suffice to give you the tools you need to get a […]

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Case Study: Does the Size of Diamonds Affect Its Price?

Carat Price Relationship

Case Study on the Use of Simple Linear Regression James Cochrane August 24, 2018 If you have ever shopped for a diamond you already know the answer to the question this case study is posing. Try to buy a four carat diamond for $300 and the jeweler will first laugh at you, then throw you […]

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This One Data Science Resource Is a Game Changer

Data Camp Main Screen

I had written about one resource that was a game changer. However, lately there are many others that can help people learn about data science. The fact that there are more quality resources is now the game changer. However, within the next several weeks, I will be creating a resource page that lists many of these […]

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Help! I’m Becoming an R Snob!

I love the R language. Being that I am a computer programmer by trade, this is a bit of an anomaly. Most computer programmers would not migrate to the R language naturally. In fact, to us programmers, the way the R language works isn’t what we are used to at all.​Affiliate Disclosure: The links and […]

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Coming to Grips with the Data Frame

Data Frame with Hand (Grip)

​Data Frames in R Programming Language​At some point during your R programming experience, you are going to have to come to grips with the data frame. Of course, people familiar with data frames will tell you it’s difficult to imagine ever having to do without them. When I was first learning R, data frames seemed like […]

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Should You Abandon Base R Functions?

​You will no doubt fall in love with the R language. ​You just have to get past its learning curve. But, once you do, you will discover just how powerful the language is. There is so much you can accomplish in so few commands. It’s well supported, too! ​Read more about the benefits of R […]

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What Is Data Science?

What is Data Science?

​You have probably heard the term Data Science. However, do you know what it means? Intuitively, it means the study of data, as science is usually associated with studying some subject. More appropriately, it is extracting meaning from your data. That is, it is helping your business gain a competitive edge by learning about various […]

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Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

​The growing popularity of data science requires that you learn a programming language if you don’t already know one. But, which do you choose? There are several to choose from. ​The snarky answer is you should know as many as you need to get the job your want. That’s nice. However, anyone who has learned a […]

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