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Do You Need a Master’s Degree in Data Science?

In college

You’ll be spending a lot of time perusing job boards and listings for data science. Many will require a master’s degree in the field or something related. Does this mean it’s game over if you don’t have a master’s degree in data science? As with anything, the answer isn’t straightforward. It certainly helps to have an […]

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Add Learning to Your To-Do List

Learning Commitment

I don’t care who you are; you have fifteen minutes a day that you can devote to learning something new. You may be under-the-gun, pressed-for-time due to one deadline or another. But, fifteen minutes every day isn’t going to cause you to miss those deadlines. Now that I have freed up fifteen minutes per day for […]

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Start with the Kaggle Titanic Challenge


If you have been following this blog, you no doubt have come across the post I wrote about Don’t Fear the Kaggle. In it, I described how Kaggle is a great website for helping people learn data science by applying the techniques to projects. Read the post if you haven’t already.Even when you do visit […]

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Don’t Fear The Kaggle!

Many a noob in the data science field have feared The Kaggle. It’s understandable as it can be an intimidating beast. I have feared the Kaggle and I don’t consider myself a noob. I’ve been in the computer programming world for over 20 years.If you are wondering what The Kaggle is, it’s a website that […]

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One Trick when Learning Data Science

Owl on Books

Data science is undoubtedly a vast field. Stating that you are a data scientist will mean different things to different people. Then, how do you know what to concentrate on? That is the topic of discussion today, and I have a great trick for you on how to go about it!Skills to LearnHere is a […]

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