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Did the Baseball Simulator Fail for Opening Day 2019?

Baseball Batter Cartoon

As a refresher, I set up an experiment using Out of the Park Baseball for opening day 2019. If you did read that post, I updated the results which show several incorrect predictions. Did the baseball simulator fail for opening day 2019?If you read through my assumptions, you’ll see that the simulator did exactly as […]

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Use Baseball Data to Learn Statistics

Data Tells a Story

Statistics has been known to be a dry subject to learn. But, when you couple the data of America’s favorite past time, it can bring the subject to life.

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Using Dplyr in R to Subset Baseball Data

Baseball with Coding Image

There’s something about statistics and baseball. They seem well-suited for one another. It’s been that way since the inception of the game. People have been keeping not only the scores of the games and teams, but also the scores of the players in the form of statistics. This leads to managing a seriously large amount of […]

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The Start of Baseball Season 2019

The secret about the start of baseball season 2019 is that it already started. That’s right! The season began officially on March 20, 2019. There were only two teams playing on that day (and the next) which were the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s. They played two successive games in Japan. I think the reason […]

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